Opulence and Prestige

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Opulence and prestige is a figure of speech used so often these days, that it’s true meaning has become completely obsolete. It seems wedding transportation these days has become a glorified taxi service run by operators who just don’t give you the time of day, this was our experience prior to meeting the amazing team at MiLimo. Upon making the initial contact with Leanne she immediately took the stress out of an intense situation, and assured us that they would take care of the entire transportation needs for our wedding. What we didn’t expect however, was the lengths they would go to in making this a truly special and unforgettable day! There are wedding cars and then there is a Bentley Mulsanne, such a rare car of the highest calibre this is truly the pinnacle of prestige motoring. From the moment this supercar arrived at home, the entire crowd was captivated and intrigued by something unseen before, an amazing presence that demands attention. Greeted with a smile and a warmest welcome, our driver rolled out the red carpet and helped the bride settle into the cabin. Immediately a sense of opulence and prestige was felt, not as that cliché metaphor, but in its true sense the way it was intended. As we reclined back our seats and started the massage feature, our stress and anxiety of the day melted away. During the course of the day, our driver  assured us that any requests we had were met in the most professional manner, and knew just what to do at just the right time. Never a mention of the time nor a sign of stress even as the dynamics of the day began to stray from the original plan; the driver made it look all a part of the plan, a true professional. My wife and I will never forget the memorable day made remarkable by the efforts of the team at MiLimo, If you are after a “wedding car” I suggest you look elsewhere, there are many of those around, however if you are looking for that “once in a lifetime experience” then the team at MiLimo will ensure that your requirements are met to the highest standards and make it look seamless all the while. The Bentley Mulsanne is the million dollar car; however the team at MiLimo deliver that one in a million experience. Our highest regards to the team at MiLimo.

Michael and Lenka Stojkov September 16, 2014

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