Materhorn White (Matte)




7 Passengers

Full Nappa leather interior with suede leather roof lining

Rear privacy screens

 Panoramic sunroof

 Rear Entertainment system

Front and rear heating, cooling and reclining seating

Double glazed windows for sound deadening

Tinted windows

21 Lexicon speaker Sound System with Android Auto & Apple play

USB & Blue tooth, Audio streaming AM/FM/DAB radio

Soft Close Doors


Genesis GV80 Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) leverage advancements in sensor technology, machine learning. Alongside exterior design, the Genesis GV80 was evaluated for cutting-edge safety technology, powertrain innovations and dynamic luxury.

The athletic elegance formed by a long hood and setback cabin combine with the GV80’s dynamic
wide stance to give it a potent presence. It’s an attitude further amplified by available 22˝Aluminum
Alloy Wheels that also echo the G-Matrix pattern.


From the moment its Power Door Closure gently seals you inside, the GV80’s luxurious appointments are readily apparent. You’re surrounded by open-pore genuine wood trims. And the soft, supple look and feel of expertly stitched leather that’s available on the seating surfaces. Noise is sealed out, thanks to acoustic insulation in the windshield and front door glass. At speed, available “Active Noise Control – Road” technology counteracts road noise by analyzing information from both microphones and accelerometers in 0.002 seconds, then producing sound waves of opposite phases. Then there’s this technical marvel: The GV80’s available Ergo Motion Seat. It’s equipped with a Smart Posture Assist function and a Stretching Mode that helps the driver fend off fatigue during long stretches of driving. By adjusting inflatable air cells in the seat cushion and seatback, it provides optimal comfort behind the wheel.


From the driver’s seat of a GV80 3.5T Prestige, everything you see, touch and interact with brings a sense of pleasure. Heated Front Seats. Want your seat cooled instead? Smart Ventilated Seats increase their fan speed as you accelerate, ensuring your comfort keeps pace. A capacitive Touch Type Climate Control panel lets you adjust the GV80’s available 3-Zone Climate with a simple swipe of your finger. The intuitive graphics make it easy for the driver to adjust heating or cooling for 2nd Row passengers as well. To your right, one of the largest screens
this side of a cineplex serves as the GV80’s command center.

Additional Options

You will exit the vehicle via red carpet, and not just any red carpet! This is a custom made, engine red, wool carpet – designed so that the Bride’s heel cannot be caught in it.

Before the driver opens your door he will ensure the custom made wheel cover is attached to avoid even the smallest mark from the wheel to rub onto your wedding gown.

 Red Carpet


 Wedding decorations (bonnet ribbons)

 Baby Seats Available

Your wedding is a rare opportunity to create a day exactly as you want it and to leave a lasting impression long after the speeches have ended and the honeymoon has begun!

For those who understand and appreciate genuine style, the choice of limousine is a critical part of the wedding plan. It’s a reflection of their own style and says as much about them as it does the event.

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