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Athletic elegance and perfect proportions to impress everyone.

This exceptional large sedan will surprise you with its comfort and luxury making this G80 appealing for your limousine car hire choice. This latest version luxury packed sedan, Brand-exclusive, third- generation, rear-wheel drive platform with a design that lowers the body and the center of gravity to secure a wider cabin and improved driving stability.  

Distinct and progressive design offers instantly-recognizable Genesis identity.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) leverage advancements in sensor technology, machine learning. Alongside exterior design, the Genesis G80 was evaluated for cutting-edge safety
technology, powertrain innovations and dynamic luxury.

The refined interior, inspired by ‘the beauty of white space’, creates an elegant atmosphere of usability and comfort. In harmony with simplicity and boldness, the athletic elegant exterior and interior prove to be Genesis itself.

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From the steering wheel to the smooth texture of the shift-by-wire (SBW) rotary dial the comfort of the Nappa leather and the grace of real wood, you can slowly feel the unique sensitivity of this space.

Easy control rear seat Entertainment. Curated to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. You can access media from the comfort of your back seat. A convenient places controller allows rear passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride with access to intuitively adjusted rear seats, a powered rear curtain and dual entertainment system. 21 Lexicon speakers across 17 locations are powered by quantum logic surround technology and render sound quality that must be heard to be believed.

A touch screen temperature control offers high-tech operability and maximizes convenience when adjusting the air conditioner, heater and fan speed.  Remote parking assist for your convenience when pulling into or out of a parking space for easy access also allowing your chauffeur.

In addition, even after the driver disembarks, the smart key can be used to control the vehicle remotely. This allows your chauffeur to cool or heat before entering.

The Genesis G80 is Genesis’ progressive take on a true luxury sedan, the perfect balance of athleticism and elegance.

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