• We supply personalized professional chauffeurs.
  • Vehicle relocation to and from relocation transport companies.
  • Private driver will deliver to a venue of your choice.
  • Private negotiations for that special purchase.
  • We are desecrate providing you with complete anonymity.

A Personal Concierge Service helps you manage your time more effectively by taking care of all your transportation needs in the background, your life will run smoothly and stress free. We will perform all the tasks you need to be completed without interacting with the general public.

We become your intermediary. We have the expertise to carry out all the functions of dealing with TMR, Registrations, Licensing, Personized Plates, Stamp Duties and Cover Note Insurances.

This will be done while interacting with your PA or directly with yourself.  If you are travelling overseas, we provide 24/7 availability to our executive clients.  This will add valuable time to your life by carrying out these tasks on your behalf.

We become your very own personal assistant to collect your dry cleaning, windscreen replacements, wash and detailing your car, take your car in for a service, organise that event, collect that parcel from the post office, recommend venues, restaurants, secure tickets and arrange personized tours.

Our assistance can be on an hourly rate or on a regular basis to keep your life on schedule.

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As a personal concierge car service, we work as an independent contractor, taking on clients who need our services. Your needs will vary greatly. Our assistance can be only a few hours of assistance every week or you may require multiple hours per day to keep your life on schedule.

Unpredictable schedules: Not a problem, we are on-call for clients who need last-minute assistance.

We have a large network of service providers we deal with on a regular basis. Tell us your needs.

Call us direct 0413 734 000 for your Personal Manager for a free consultation to work out the scope.

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