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Mobility is a necessity people of all ages must have access to and research shows that more than 40% of people aged 65 and over do not own a smartphone. This means ride share apps such as UBER are inaccessible for that audience. Our senior citizens and elderly should not be limited on where they can go simply because they cannot drive a car or have a smartphone. Public transportation is an option but there are many issues and obstacles with it.

For our aging parents and grandparents, it is important to remain being independent as one gets older. Getting around becomes a problem when older individuals start having health complications,
such as vision loss, that prevents them from driving. This problem presents itself to an aging population that has low to no access of public transportation, affecting a rapidly increasing amount of people.

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The public transportation system is not catered to the elderly, most of whom cannot work with the
schedule or make it to the stops in the first place. There are very few curb-to-curb services available that are not app-based services such as Uber when it comes to everyday transportation.  Fortunately, some senior facilities and programs provide rides to their patrons, but these alternatives are always restricted to certain areas and hours. Safety on current public transportation methods are also a concern — waiting at a bus stop late at night or being alone on a train station isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

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One service that works to combat these issues is Grandparent Transport with milimo without the need of owning a smartphone or navigating an app. By calling milimo on the phone, users would be able to order a service after speaking to a live operator. No longer will the hassle of the dreaded public transportation system be needed. Checking the bus schedule is a thing of the past.

While safety is a concern some people may have, especially when strangers are in charge of picking up the elderly.  Our drivers are all Blue Card, trained in seniors Access Needs and TMR licensed, that ensure safety is a number one priority.  Call milimo as support is available if questions or concerns arise throughout the ride. Family members can also choose to get real-time updates when a ride is placed, begins, and completed to have peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands.

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Senior Transport Reviews

On a recent trip to City Hall in Brisbane, Milimo provided a wonderful service to the residents and staff of Bellevue Care Centre.

This is not the first time we have used Milimo, their staff are professional and extremely respectful of the elderly. Look forward to using their services in the future.

Kath Cook – Owner/Director

Our Friends and I attended a function at the Gabba Cricket Ground which involved three pick-up points in Brisbane’s north and returns. We are all retired and do not wish to drive to the venue, stress about parking and all the traffic. The limo van was driven by a professional, friendly driver; luxuriously comfortable; and smooth-riding.

All this was not all that more expensive than a standard, noisy, maxi-taxi ride! So for all visitors, and local residents too, it’s an affordable, on-time treat which is highly recommended for anyone travelling in and around Brisbane and environs.

Anne G – Retired

At age 87, I attend Board meetings, make speeches, go on many deputations to State and Federal Parliaments and enjoy lots of meals in restaurants.

I still have my drivers licence with an accident free record but my family has encouraged me to leave my car at home and go everywhere by limo so my life is stress free and I don’t have to find parking.

So I signed up with my friend Adrian who owns manages a splendid limo service called milimo Brisbane Limousine Service that operates seven good quality and spotlessly clean cars driven by well dressed, non smokers, responsible and courteous drivers.

It has been a great business relationship and my wife Helen, who is just a few years younger than me, uses it also with confidence and always feels secure.

Can I say especially that if you are younger and have parents of my age, then ask Adrian to drive them where ever they want to go and arrange that you will pick up the tab.

If your mother lives alone and needs transport for whatever reason, then ask Adrian to look after her with care.

She will be secure, have pleasant drivers to chat to and get there and back on time.

It’s easy to organise things with Adrian.  I just text him with times and destinations and return details and I get replies in seconds.  Happy, safe and pleasant travels.  The moderate cost is an investment in a good life.

Everald Compton AM CPA CPM / Adjunct Professor Queensland University of Technology. Chairman, Longevity Innovation Hub.

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