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The Chapel Montville is the result of a special vision, pure craftsmanship & local talent which now stands as art in the heart of Montville. Perfectly situated in the Heart of Montville surrounded by the lush hinterland mountains, the Chapel provides the perfect intimate setting to share your special day with your loved ones. You will have the perfect backdrop for gorgeous photos with stunning mountain views and lush green gardens. The perfect place for your dream wedding.

This beautiful nondenominational hand built sandstone chapel is a dedication to the animals & the earth, allowing all people regardless of race/ religion or gender preference to be Married or conduct a Commitment Ceremony within.

The Chapel Montville is, in its own right, a lovingly constructed piece of art built with all natural materials from beautiful Helidon sandstone carefully shaped and styled together by a team of stonemasons dedicated to their craft, to the magnificent red cedar doors representing the tree of life which are hand carved by a local Montville artist. The floors are striking with their light lustre of polished white onyx flecked with gold. The animals handcrafted into the pews and altar are stunning contrasts to the sandstone by design.

Nothing has been missed making every aspect of the chapel an amazing realization of a magical vision reflecting the traditions and values of the creators love for all animals while maintaining that essential sense of intimacy and harmony.

The spectacular views of the Sunshine Coast from the hinterland to the ocean makes this chapel the ideal location for any couple to celebrate their love and commitment on the day of their wedding.


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