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The Vladimir Church Wedding Events

This Church was dedicated to the Parish of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God by Bishop Savva (Raevskiy). This beautiful Russian Orthodox Church is the perfect medium between old world architecture and new world class. Nestled in the quiet, green suburb Rocklea in Brisbane, this church is a wonderful choice for couples who wish to honour their commitment to each and God in front of family and loved ones. The leadlight windows allow the most stunning light and are definitely the best feature of this lovely location.

There is an old eastern proverb which says, ‘One look is worth a dozen words and one touch is worth a dozen looks’. It’s true. Even the lightest touch speaks volumes. It can lift us into another world – the world of love.

A desire to marry is a sign that each partner has been ‘touched’ by another in an extra special way. They have opened their hearts to one another and finally found the courage in their love to want to offer and receive total commitment for life.

They are delighted to be a part of one of the most joyous occasions of your lives and to assist you in planning your wedding and more importantly, to help prepare you for a lifetime commitment in marriage. The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God believe this to be a sacred event where two people pledge themselves to one another in the presence of God.


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